Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Music...The World

Uh...I'm not really sure what was meant by this one. I'm not even sure
where the title came from. Maybe just an introspective query into the meaning of life?

I am doing this one by myself.

I include the standard disclaimer:

Not professionally recorded, and it might sound better if
you listened with headphones.

The Link and the lyrics appear below:

The World

1. I, I own the world
As everyone with me does
I, I'm fire and sky
And so are you

We all own the world
We all are the world
We live in the world
We live everywhere

2. I live everywhere
I speak in every tongue
I live in my world
And so do you

Where do you live?
I live everywhere
Where do you live?
I live in my world

3. I haven't got answers for you
There are no clues to give you
The only hints are inside you
The world won't change without you

4. We can change the world
It's all a part of us
We're part of the rock
The air, the sea

We come from the land
We go back to the dust
Can we make some love
While we're here?

Wo, wo vons du?
Ich vone uberall
¿Donde vive tu?
Vivo en mi mundo

Où habitez-vous?
J'abit ici
Where do you live?
I live everywhere I am

Peace be with you.


  1. Hey Joe, I really liked the sound of that one, I thought you did a very good job on it my friend---Nice!!

  2. Love the thoughts here! Nice, Joe!

  3. Not only do I like what you are trying to say, I like that you used different languages to tie it all together. We are all the same and all different at the same time. But in the end we all want the same thing....peace and love and to leave this land a little better off when we are no longer here.

  4. I really like it. Definitely could see a Coldplay or the like singing something like this. Third verse is my favorite.

  5. Wow..that is inspiring and powerful!
    Thanks so much Joe, for sharing it!

    Happy Sunday!

    Betty :)

  6. Wow, these comments are cool, and unexpected.

  7. Love the introduction of other languages into one song. Very cool, Joe, and original!

  8. Its cool, Joe! Pretty entertaining!
    if I not wrong, the guitar intro a bit like rolling stone or something...

  9. Just stopping by to say hi!

    Have a great week ahead, Joe.


  10. "Je vis partout où je suis"
    "I live everywhere I am"

    I've got to admit, I really really love that last sentence!! I love the cadence of the tune and the fact that you integrated to it several languages..that's awesome and your French isn't too bad :D

  11. Very good Joe, the tone of this one takes me back... It reminds me of a lot of somebody, but I can't remember who. I'll put my brain on search mode when I go to morninig I should know...