Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rules To Live By

In my relentless quest to make life easier for you, I hereby present you with
these common-sense rules to live by:

1. Don't buy extended warranties

The way I figure it, if your product ain't good enough to last longer than the
original warranty, I don't want it anyway.

This applies to major appliances, cameras, cars, computers, etc.

2. When you are running a PC program that crashes, and the window
comes up and asks if you want to 'Send a report to Microsoft', the
correct answer is always

3. When your computer tells you there is an update to a program
and you need
to install the update, if everything is running fine,
and there are no problems
or issues at all, the correct answer
is "No, do not update"

The only exception to this rule might be anti-virus software...but I have
strong opinions on this as well.

4. When you are flying, ALWAYS plan on getting to the security
line at least
two hours before your flight.

You're either going to hang around at home waiting and wasting time, or you will be
at the airport being bored...but personally, I would rather waste my time at the
airport having the security line finished. You might as well be at the gate waiting
instead of at home.

(Besides, at the airport, you can people-watch, which is always great entertainment).

5. For that matter, when flying, if at all possible, NEVER check a bag.

No matter where I go, or for how long, I can always get by with just one carry-on.
The hassle of having to wash more clothes while traveling, or having to buy stuff
that you have forgotten to pack is well worth the peace of mind you feel while flying,
knowing that when you arrive, you can just grab your bag and walk off the plane, and
be done with it.

6. When you buy anything, and they want you to register the
product, or send
in the registration card, or register on-line...
ALWAYS decline.

The only thing you are doing is putting yourself on another mailing list.

7. When driving to an un-familiar destination, always memorize
the last off-ramp
BEFORE the one you want, or the last street
BEFORE the one you are to make your
turn on.

Even if using GPS, this can be quite handy.

8. When you are just about to make an expensive, big-ticket purchase,
hold off and wait one more day before buying it.

9. Finally, if you are looking for ways to save big money on the latest gadgets,
then you should check out this post of mine!

How did you ever survive without me?

Peace be with you.


  1. haha, this is excellent.
    and so true.

  2. I'm proud to say that I follow most of your rules! I'm of the opinion that BestBuy and Sears makes all their profit through extended warranties. When they hound me, I always ask, "Why do you sell this item if you think it's a piece of crap and will only last one year?"

  3. I always memorize the exit after the exit I need, cause my GPS lady never gives me enough warning its comming up and I miss it

  4. Excellent Rules Joe, another on the computer front is when you randomly get a popup that says your computer is infected "Click Here" to scan--don't click anything, close the tab, for those of us using XP right click and close it from the task bar.

  5. Right you are, Jimmy! You should write your own set of rules to catch the ones I missed.

  6. I never buy extended warranties. Waste of money.

  7. Gosh Joe we subscribe to all the same rules and regulations. As I was reading your list I kept nodding "yep" to each and every thing on our list. Simple things in life to make it less stressful.

  8. Great rules/tips! it, especially the #8. I am not so good on that.

    Happy Thursday!

    B :)

  9. Good rules to live by, Joe!
    Thanks for telling us!

    all the best to you,

  10. JOe your awesome. I will check it out. I am looking to buy a Mac Laptop this christmas for my soccerboy.
    Dont really want to pay the full price. THey are so damn expensive.

  11. This is actually terrific advice for when I'll ever take the plane because I don't know anything of it :P! (I'm listening to the song from the post above while reading your posts, it's so cool :D)