Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Convertible takes on I-15

Tuesday, March 16...we get up and get ready to make the three
and a half hour drive to my mom's house in California. The sun
is out, it is warm, oh yes, we are excited.

My perfect brother in law makes us a great breakfast, then I go
out and fill up the tank. The Daughter stocks up on essentials...
Skittles, chips, and Gatorade.

We logically decide that three hours on the freeway with the
wind blowing in our hair may be too much fun for us to handle,
so we wisely opt to start out with the top up. Perhaps later,
when we are approaching our destination, we can stop and put
down the top.

There are only three of us...myself, my sister, and The
Daughter. And we each have a suitcase, and the few extra bags
of stuff that females must carry with them. Recall the trunk is
really too small for anything except a few bags. Three
suitcases must go into the back seat...and so must The Daughter.

She is not terribly excited about spending three and half hours
folded up like a pretzel, but she did want the convertible...
Speaking for myself, with the top up, there is not much
visibility, since the windows are pretty small, but at least I
have leg room.

The nearest In-N-Out we encountered did not come up until we
are only minutes from my mom's house, so we have pretty much
made the drive with the top up the whole way. Since it was a
warm day, that is odd, because we had thought we were going to
enjoy the drive with the top down part of the way.

But it is great re-visiting my Double-Double with cheese!

We are enjoying the convertible a little less than we had planned,
but we still took down the top so we can all look cool when we
pull into the driveway at my mom's house. Enjoy it while you can,
because when we arrived, we put the top back up and there it
stayed for the rest of the week!

I promise better pictures of California next...

Peace be with you.


  1. You won't believe what I typed and then read back to myself and had to delete. Whew! Suffice it to say, I've never heard of that place. *blush

  2. Ohhh ms. anthropy....

    "in and out, in and out!"
    "that's what a hamburger is all about!"

    Joe, you just made up my mind about what's for dinner! Where about's in california are you going?

  3. It's not only the burgers, but the fries and shakes are the best too. Just drove by the one in Westchester by LAX this past weekend. Were you there? There's only a few 1000 of them, so I figure that must be the one in this pic.

  4. I can just imagine, Ms. anthropy!
    Pat, Robyn...I think this one may have been in the La Verne mom lives in Azusa, and it was not far from her house.
    Pat, I am familiar with all the areas you mention in your blogs, I lived both Valleys, Palmdale, Santa Monica, and various locals in Orange County between 1964-1996.

  5. Love it ! We live near an In and Out. I should go there in a convertible someday just to be one of the cool kids.

  6. Double Double fries and a shake........HEAVEN!!!

    In-n-Out Rocks!

  7. I drove by an In-N-Out when I was in Cali, but I never got to go... Phooey. And now my aunt lives in Georgia. Is it better than Whataburger?

  8. For some reason, Kristy, while I have lived in Texas for almost 14 years now, I have only sampled Whataburger a few times, and there is no comparison.
    California also has Carls Jr. which I miss as well...but Burger King is not TOO far different than Carls...

  9. lol@Joe...gotta disagree...I'm a fast food fanatic (yeah yeah i know healthy choices). Carls Jr. is better for one simple reason...Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger :)

    I feel a good fast food post coming on ..ha ha

  10. Ah...Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger is my favorite...along with the Star...

  11. Looks like you guys are having a hell'uva great time, I'm jealous.

  12. Is "In-and-out" a fast-food, a convenience store, a supermarket..?:P I'm still drooling over the know that, right?!?;)

  13. Sarah, it is fast food, and That's what a hamburger is all about!