Friday, March 12, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

My dear Gentle Readers, I will off for California tomorrow
morning (Actually, off to Las Vegas, where I will pick up my
baby sis and then drive the rest of the way).

Every time I visit my Mom in Southern Cal, my sister always
makes the drive over from Vegas just to visit lil' ol' me. Now,
quite understandably, I am her favorite brother, but still, she
jumps in her car and makes a nearly 7 hour round trip just for

So this time, The Daughter and I will fly to Vegas, and spend
some time with my sister at her place. I actually have another
of my sisters who lives there too, so we get to see her as well.
To save my baby sis some trouble, we will rent a car for the
drive to LA, thereby giving her and her car a break.

My timing is good, my sister's birthday will be on Sunday, and
we get to have a big party at her house. She also wants to take
The Daughter to The Strip, which should make for some pretty
interesting photos.

(The Daughter has been to Vegas, but not since 2003, and when
you are merely on the cusp of 13 years old, 7 years ago is a dim

So, camera in hand, and via my Mom's trusty computer, I hope to
be able to not only peruse my favorite blogs during the coming
week, but also, perhaps even make a post or two...lest my few
faithful followers allow me to slip from their memories.

Peace be with you.


  1. Have a WONDERFUL time and take some cool pictures!!

  2. Great time to be in Vegas...not hot!
    When you are driving down the strip and you hear a loud noise don't be worried. That's only your jaw dropping as you see "City Center."
    It's awesome!

  3. Have a great time with your family! I hope your sis has a wonderful birthday as well:)

  4. Have a great trip! Can't wait to see what mischief you get into, and the pics you take.

    Also, happy birthday to your little sister!

  5. Thanks for your comments all...
    Hope nobody forgets about me.
    Kristy, hope your uncle is doing better...

  6. Vegas it where I came into this world...ouch.
    Last time I was there they had these trucks with glass cages on the back with nude strippers in them advertising their club, I guess. But I think the city council had them shut down.
    Have a blast!

  7. I've never been to Vegas... would love to go one day! I expect pictures please!!! :) HAVE FUN!

  8. Hi there, Joe. New follower here, thanks to Pat. Those pictures of the sunrise and sunset are spectacular. Hopefully, you are having a great time in Vegas and have taken your daughter to Circus Circus.

  9. MUST have pictures. Enjoy