Thursday, March 25, 2010

Field Report from Las Vegas

The Daughter and I arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday, March 13.
We proceeded over to National Car Rentals to pick up our vehicle.
Since it was my sister's birthday, at The Daughter's urging we
opted to upgrade to a white convertible, since I had always
wanted to drive one, the weather was promising to be great, and
it has been a dream of my sister to someday own one.

As it turned out, while the convertible was cool, there were some
downsides to it, and we were able to learn all that without the
expense of having to purchase one.

For one thing, while we were initially impressed on the size of
the trunk, once we opened it, we found that the bulk of it was
not HAD to be huge because that is where the top
gets stored when it is down. We really didn't have enough
room in the trunk to even put our suitcases in. So, into the
back seat they go.

So The Daughter and I head to my sister's house, we put the top
down, as it was a glorious sunny day. It was fabulous to cruise
down the highway with the sun shining on us, radio blaring, and
pretending that we were cool.

I found it was odd that to put the top up or down, you have to
keep holding down the button, or it stops. I would think that
once you hit the button, the operation would complete without
having to do this. Oh, well, a minor inconvenience.

Here is a picture of The Daughter with the top going down.
Notice that as the top retracts, it is going into the trunk, and
that is pretty much all the trunk is good for!

Here is a shot of The Daughter and my sister in the convertible,
and then one with me included:

A few pictures of the eclectic decor of my sister's house:

Peace be with you.


  1. Nothing beats the feeling of the open road and sun and wind on your face than when you're cruising around in a convertible!

    My dad had an old Mercedes convertible (he would buy 'em cheap then fix 'em up). I loved when he'd drive me around in that car.

    It did have its issues as all convertibles do, but those cars, in my opinion, are for Sunday drives or special occasion driving - like your extra car if one has the money to have an "extra car"... Funny, to this day Dad still has a Mercedes convertible, only now he lives in Florida and gets more use out of it than in NY.

  2. Trunk space... button holding... minor annoyance compared to driving that sweet ride. Sounds like an absolute blast.

  3. Oh yes! The open road, the smell of spring, the frigging bug in my eye...

  4. Rather like riding a motorcycle, with much more between you and the road. How about a bug in your bubble gum? That's what I got when I was young. I'm anxious for more trip pics and stories.

  5. I don't know if I'm repeating myself (I think I am..damn I'm getting old!?) but if I knew how to drive, I would dream of driving a car as AWESOME as that one in your pics!!:D

    Btw, really cool pictures! I love to see them!

  6. Still, on a vacation in a sunny locale... convertible ALL THE WAY

  7. You know, I am still surprised...I make a post, and then I get all these cool is amazing you read about my mundane little life...
    You guys rock.

  8. "pretending that we were cool"...hahahaha! Riding in a convertible always makes me feel like a cool-impersonator too. :)

  9. I heard a quote this week that I will leave with you: "Its a top-down day" That sums it up!
    Convertible or no, make it a "top-down day".

  10. This is a day Daughter will always remember! Cool Dad!

  11. Oh my goodness! That sounds like a dream come true to me! I am glad you enjoyed it!