Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Observations on The Daughter

As some of you may be able to glean from my past posts, one of
the biggest challenges of my miserable little life it to get any
kind of positive attention from The Daughter. Now, I do get some
attention from her, but it is usually centered on something that
I am doing that just happens to annoy her (such as looking at
her, being in the same room as her, or breathing).

It is odd that she will insist that I sit with her sometimes
when she is watching TV, but then I will get groans of
disapproval because I am either sitting too close to her, or
making too much noise while eating, or for accidentally looking
in her direction.

I think she just wants me there so I can go and fetch her snacks
and drinks, plug in her laptop, or bring the cat to her. I think
though, she may be smarter than I realize, because sometimes I
catch her making a little expression that can only be translated
as 'I am really just kidding when I tell you that I have no use
for you...I am just trying to see how flustered I can get you'.

She likes to go with me to Roger's house on Thursday nights for
band practice, but only because she likes Roger, and because his
grand daughter is just her age, and they can hang out. We try to
teach her a few chords on the guitar or keyboard, and she likes
to pound away on the drums as well, so she is easily entertained.

But mostly, her and Roger just sit next to each other on the
sofa and text each other! It is like watching the two stooges,
their thumbs flying away, silly little grins on their faces. The
only way I can get a word in edgewise is to try to send a text

Then The Daughter stops and gives me an evil glare, as if I had
interrupted something important. Roger just chuckles...he has
raised kids, he knows what teenagers are like.

Once, several weeks ago, I had accidentally left the key turned on
in the car, and when it was time to leave, my battery was dead.
Can you believe The Daughter was actually GLAD about this, so
we didn't have to go home yet??? I hated to disappoint her by
getting a jump from the bass player, but all good things must

But she surprises me too...on the way home, she thanked me for
letting her come with me to practice...and I think she might
have even smiled at me!

Peace be with you.


  1. sounds like she's got daddy right where he needs to be: around that little finger ;)

  2. She's a Daddy's girl, for sure, but haven't you heard? It is totally not cool to let your parents know that you actually like them!

    I love the "such as looking at her, being in the same room as her, or breathing" That made me laugh!

  3. Haha
    That they text while sitting next to each other is beyond funny to me. But I guess that's just their generation's version of passing notes.

  4. I remember that age. As I recall, it would have been a good time to put them in deep freeze, until they reached about 25 and could tolerate me again. (well, sometimes they tolerate me... but only because they don't have to live with me anymore) Those looks can be crushing.

  5. I have enough trouble with teenage boys, I don't think I could handle teenage girls...Kudos to you for handling it like a champ...(don't worry we are all schmucks for our kids)

  6. This is so sweet. I can't imagine my dad caring or taking note of things the way you have of your child. I love it.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  7. Oh, wow, sounds like me a few years ago!! Hang in there, Joe! You will get through her teenage years ALIVE, I tells ya ;)

  8. That's so funny... I don't text much, but sometimes I email one of my co-workers who is only about ten steps away. When I was a teenager I pretty much sat around reading Stephen King books and let my mom answer any questions that were directed at me (didn't matter whether I was inclined to answer or not, she'd answer anyway, so I really wasn't being rude).

    Keep your chin up, in another five to ten years she'll appreciate you!

  9. Sounds like my grand daugher. She must be a teenager too! God's blessings, Lloyd

  10. That is so sweet. She has you wrapped around her little finger.

    They actually text each other when they are sitting next to each other? Wow.

  11. Hang in there Joe, it'll be over in about..oh who am I kidding. It will never be over. I feel your pain. I have four of them!

  12. She'll come around, Daddy! Just wait!

  13. Awww....the other side of the story. I remember being that annoyed little girl because my dad ALWAYS wanted to hug me. What a jerk right?

    Keep on trying my dear friend, because all little girls grow up and learn to appreciate their dad's persistence. Now it's me trying to hug and kiss my dad at all times, so see how the tables have turned!