Monday, March 15, 2010

Report from the Road

Well, this is pretty interesting...I go away for a few days, and
I have a few more followers! Quite cool...I wonder how that
happens? I promise when I get back home in my own environs
I will check out these new pages.

Anyway, quick report. Haven't made it to the Strip yet, and
we may not...but that's cool, we are mainly here to visit family.
I forgot to bring my thingy to download pictures from my camera,
so I won't be able to post and photos until I get back. Too bad.

At the airport before we left on Saturday, things continued to be
normal. While we were walking through the airport before
boarding our flight, dragging the suitcases behind us on those
wheels they have, The Daughter complained that that I was
making 'too much noise' while walking. When you go over those
tiles in the airport, the luggage thingy makes those 'clack clack'
noises, and I guess I wasn't doing it right, and this caught her
attention. Sometimes it's hard to know when she is kidding or not...

There is a tavern within walking distance of my sister's
house, so my brother in law and I went over there for a little
bit yesterday afternoon. I am not a big gambler, but he convinced
me to spend a little bit at one of the video poker games in the bar.
Peer pressure...I succumbed to it!

I only lost about 20 bucks, but I made it last about an hour. And
my bro in law bought me some beers, so it came out even.

We had a nice little party at my sister's house last night for her
birthday. One of her friends had made a chicken casserole, and
had put it in the oven while she went upstairs to get ready. But
she failed to leave instructions for my brother in law as far as how
long to leave it in.

We opened the oven a few times, and it looked like it may be
near to being done, but we couldn't be sure. In the meantime,
she texted him with info on how to tell if it was done or not. I
suggested he take a photo of it in the oven with his cell and send
it to her so she could render an opinion.

We waited...hopefully we weren't going to burn it...
Finally she replied that it looked like it may be done, so we took it
out to see. And it was fine...really very delicious. And now, due to
technology, we saw that she was able to pull off a remote cooking

My bro in law is so cool...he is a perfect host. He makes us
breakfast in the morning, always has a pot of coffee on, makes
smoothies for The Daughter.

Today we will be driving up to Red Rock, and the weather will be
perfect. I hope to get some decent photographs that will be as
good as the ones that Pat and a few others that are into
photography produce.

We rented a white convertible for our trip, so this will be really
fun to drive to California in...the weather will be perfect and
sunny. But I have found that it is not quite as fun when you are
the one still have to focus on the road, and don't
have time to really appreciate the coolness.

I let my sister drive it, as she didn't believe me. She thought
I was just saying that so she wouldn't want to drive it. But
when she did, she admitted I was right! It is way more fun for
the people riding in it. But still, it will be a great trip.

Sorry for the long ramble, don't know when the next one
will be though. I am thinking of ya'll, I know there is a lot going
on. Many of you are busy and on hiatus, Kristy has just lost
her uncle, and Mr. Hendrik's brother is still ill.

We also need to keep thinking about Darla's friends' daughter
Kodi...I am praying for her as well.

I hope you all have peace.


  1. I had to laugh how your daughter complained that you made too much noise while you were walking! Priceless. Glad the casserole turned out yummy and nobody got salmonella:) (just kidding)
    Will be praying cor Kodi and your safe return

  2. You make me laugh about how you re-act to your daughter, "and I guess I wasn't doing it right" lol, I don't know why that was so funny to me.

    Anyway, every time I go out of town, I get new followers too. Glad I'm not the only one :)

  3. Ramble? No way, I love hearing about road trips!
    If you got out of town only losing 20 bucks, in my eyes, you won....

  4. I love the bit about cooking over the phone. Quite brilliant, I think the food network should make a game show like that.

  5. Oooh your trip sounds great up to now! The white convertible sounds so cool! I'd love to ride in one someday!:) I've got to admit that the phone cooking appealed to me a lot and whenever I'm going to move from my parents' house, I'll probably use this mechanism with my mom!!

    Have a GREAT time!

  6. Sounds like you are having a good time! I had to laugh about the making too much noise walking thing! Kids have a way of pointing these things out, don't they?

  7. Virtual cooking, I think I have seen it all. And I thought I was being silly when I took a picture of a paint chip I was thinking of and sent it off for agreement.

    I've always wanted to go to Red Rocks.

  8. Wow, this trip sounds awesome :)

  9. Thanks all, and look, more followers because I am gone? Must think this through...

  10. Two things - can I come with you next time?

    That and THANK YOU for removing that annoying capchta thing. Just let the comments flow and delete any spam.

    Haven't had spam in months...and I lose comments when I forget to do the capchta thing right.

    Thanks man, we gotta get the others to comply

  11. This is great! I love reading stuff from a guy's point of view. You might enjoy reading
    Have a great trip and my prayers are with Kodi.

  12. I am glad you are having a nice time! I cannot wait to see the pictures!