Sunday, March 21, 2010

Special Effects in the Dark

While I get my road trip pictures ready, I thought I would
just toss out a few pictures of some car trails at night:

And these were made by leaving the shutter open while
pointing the camera outside the car while driving at

Thanks for everything!

Peace be with you.


  1. Hey Joe!
    Awesome pictures!
    & yes it was a UV filter :]

  2. Man...I know you sort of explained how you did that...but how did you do that? And what type of camera are you using. You probably mentioned before but I forgot :(

  3. Thanks all. Ian, it is just a matter of opening the shutter for several seconds. Camera has to be on a tripod for the trails made my cars driving by on the street. For the squiggly ones, it doesn't matter, I just had The Daughter open the shutter for about 5 seconds and point it randomly out at the street while driving at night.

  4. I love pictures like that! So neat!


  5. That's really weird and so awesome!! I never knew a camera could capture that!?! I'm stunned (once again) :P

  6. I love to put my camera on night mode and spin around... especially in front of a Christmas tree... this probably doesn't surprise you though...

  7. Kristy, nothing you do surprises me...don't ever change.