Friday, March 19, 2010

Unidentified UFO'S

When I was younger, I believed very fervently in the existence
of extra-terrestrial beings visiting our planet. Over the past
several years, however, and mostly due to the tabloid-style
"documentaries" that are prolific on TV these days, I have
decided that most of these people that say they see UFO's are,
unfortunately, mistaken. I say 'most' of them, because of course
I understand that a lot of people really do see strange things
in the sky, and they don't know what they are. But I would be
willing to say that all of these sightings really do have
rational explanations.

If the governments of the world really did have factual
information regarding UFO's, a secret that big could not
possibly be kept for all these years. Knowing the nature of
human beings, I cannot believe that a person or persons knowing
the actual truth...and having the proof... would be able to keep
a secret like this to themselves for the decades these rumors
have been around.

By proof, I don't actually mean clear photos or videos, as
these days that kind of media is easily faked, with the
results being so realistic as to be accused of being doctored
for that very reason.

(Of course, that being said, all the current photos and videos
are always fuzzy and out of focus anyway).

I guess for me, proof would be legitimate scientific documentation
that shows detailed and lengthy videos of government officials
interacting with said alien beings, and footage of an actual
craft, inside and outside, and having the craft remain there
long enough for it to be confirmed by various sources.

Again, while these things can be faked, if it were recorded
on video tape instead of film, it would be more difficult
to rig it. This footage would then have to appear on mainstream
news media, with the reporters gaining access to the site.

I realize that if such a thing came true, we would not expect
the reporters to actually board the craft, as there would
be restrictions by the military for security reasons, but I would
also expect that if a government were willing to acknowledge the
incident as fact, they would at least allow enough investigation
to confirm the truth.

I know, logically, if there was a government cover-up, you
would not HAVE these government officials interacting with
the aliens...but I state again...we all know how people LOVE
to blab a secret. If someone really had any concrete proof,
you KNOW that someone, somewhere over that past 60 years or
so would have leaked it out.

Instead, what we have are these shady interviews with people
whose identity is hidden, voices disguised. Trust me, if these
people REALLY had the proof, all they would have to do is go
to the Press, and nobody could touch them.

This does not mean that I don't wish it were true...nobody would
be more excited than I if actual proof were to come about...the
things we could learn from other races in the universe would be
astounding, and it would be fascinating to visit another planet,
observe its ecology, geology, environment, its culture and life

I do believe that there is a great chance that there is intelligent
life in other places in the universe, but the great distances
involved lead me to believe that it would not be possible for
any being to travel them in a reasonable amount of time. I hope
I am proven wrong someday.

Peace be with you.


  1. This whole concept is something that really fascinates me. I was actually going to write a blog about it some time this week.

    For me, when I think about how huge the universe is, the chance that we are the only living organisms is just to small. We are but a grain of sand compared to the size of what's out there.

    I do agree with you about the governments more than likely hiding such a thing if it were to occur. Can you imagine the chaos it would cause?
    Organised religion in a way would probably fall.

    Wow. That was a long comment :)
    Great post!

  2. You need to get one of those "I Want To Believe" posters.

    I do tend to believe in aliens, but from more a standpoint of the Nephilim.

  3. I most surly believe in life on other planets. But, have they made contact with us? Don't thinks so, but it is a possibility.

  4. Oh yeah? If there are't aliens, the who coined the phrase "Earthlings are idiots!"

  5. My almost six-year-old has decided that her life's goal is to achieve faster-than-light travel so she can travel around the galaxy and make friends with all the aliens out there. I'll tell her to ask them if they've ever been to earth.

  6. That would be a cool goal, I hope she likes science.
    The 26 closest stars to earth besides the sun are between 4 and 12 light years away, which as you know, it would take between 4 and 12 years to get there. You would have to go many many times faster than the speed of light to get anywhere in the galaxy, that's the problem. I believe there may be life, but too far away to confirm or deny.

  7. I'm pretty sure they are here among us.... I think I hear them in my kitchen right now....

  8. Its so funny how we all tend to go through a "I believe" phase. I remember mine clearly and my 9 yr. old is going through his now.

  9. I would also like to believe that aliens exist but I too need concrete proof - I'm hoping they choose me to study because that is the only proof I'll accept! x

  10. I used to hide under my kitchen table when I was a little girl, because I thought airplanes were UFO's and they could see inside my house... every once in a while I still get that urge...

  11. Of course aliens exist. Have you seen "They Live"? That is a survival guide on life.

  12. It really does stretch one's brain to think about doesn't it? I know we are not alone in the universe, but what is out there?

    Maybe one day we will find out. And not in a bad way I hope!