Sunday, July 11, 2010


Back to Kerrville again...picking up The Daughter after
her five weeks in summer camp.

When we were in Kerrville retrieving The Daughter from
summer camp this weekend, I noticed an old Veteran's
building that was being torn down. It seems like they
are taking a long time to do it, but it looks really cool.

It actually reminds me of a building that has been damaged
from an earthquake or a bomb...

These shattered windows amazed me with their coolness:

Peace be with you.


  1. Wow, those windows are wild. Very cool pics. Reminds me of Kato and the pics of old buildings she used to take... forget what she called that... but it has a name...

  2. Just had you not taken the pictures these images would have soon disappeared due to the demolition--Very Cool

  3. There is something about destroying an old building that I find profound. There is a history to that building that is being destroyed. People walked and talked and worked and lived a part of their life in that building. It means something. I am glad you were able to photograph it before all traces of it are gone. I also hope you had a nice time picking up the daughter and that you are all safe and sound at home now. So glad to be back at your blog reading what you write and looking at your cool photos! Thanks for all your great support Joe. You are the best!!!

  4. The top pics remind me of the OKC bombing!

  5. oh wow.
    those windows look amazing.

    great pictures.

  6. Kristy, I know the pictures you are talking about, old and abandoned stuff always makes good photos, it is so moody.

    Jimmy...actually, they are not making much progress on this project...last year they started working on it, and since they are not going to 'implode' it, they are doing it the old-fashioned way...slowly. Can't wait to see what it looks like next year when The Daughter goes back to camp.

    Susie, maybe all traces of it WILL be gone next year. We are glad you are back.

    Ms. A, it reminds me of the same thing. Almost made me hesitate to take pictures.

    The windows are what sucked me in, Marg.

  7. Nice pictures. Those windows look pretty cool. Glad you got the shots before the building went down.

  8. Well captured, good you appeared before it was only rubble. When a lot of the Eastend of London was scheduled under the bulldozer (20yrs or so ago), I made a point of capturing what I could on camera - I'm sure glad I did (smile).

  9. Great shots, Joe. I feel sad when I see any building going down.
    B :)

  10. Hi,
    I'm a new follower here.. really glad to join this site..
    Mmm...that's wonderful shot..!!
    I thought so, they also remind me of some buildings in my country which destructed by earthquake a couple years ago...
    thanks for sharing
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  11. wow, when you think about it, it does look devastating. but great photos - really captures the feel of deconstruction.