Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Illustrious Career...Part Seventeen

Near the end of 1985, after having crashed and burned from
spending all summer working every day in a high-pressure
direct sales job, I found myself in need of another job.

If it hadn't been for me blogging, I never would have tried
to research and remember all of these. And some of the specifics
may not be 100% accurate, such as the exact years that I
had these jobs, but mostly I remember them because I can
recall what movies or songs were out when I held a particular
job, and that always jars the memory.

It is not actually WORKING that I dislike, but the fact that
you HAVE to work, if that makes any sense. Going to work may
be a necessity, but the part that really stresses me is thinking
that I MUST NOT LOSE this job, or I will not easily find
another one.

So when I finally retire, I will sit back, relax, and think
to myself that I don't have to freaking WORRY about trying
to get another job!

Anyway, to continue...the rest of 1985 was a whirlwind of temp
jobs secured through a job placement service. I worked in
various warehouse and light manufacturing jobs, random jobs
involving physical labor, and delivering pre-made sandwiches
to liquor stores.

Also, thanks to my dad teaching me things when I was a kid, I
was able to pick up some various jobs doing carpentry, painting,
and even some wallpaper-hanging.

I did a few sessions for some talented musician friends of mine
in a recording studio, and that made me a few bucks as well.

I then latched on to a more steady type of job in a factory
that manufactured glass lenses. This was decent, low-stress
work during a normal day shift, and I existed right through
the end of the year doing that.

I recall I must have still had this job at the end of 1985,
because they actually passed out hundred-dollar bills to all
the employees for a Christmas bonus! Not only was that very
welcome for me, but it was pretty unusual for a company to do
that for the 'flunky' least, that has always
been the case in my experience.

However, this job still did not pay very much, and I was not
going to be able to afford to stay in my Orange County apartment
any fact, I was not going to be able to stay in
Orange County at all. I ended up moving back into the San Gabriel
Valley where I had grown up. Got myself a cheaper little
apartment, and that wasn't too bad, since I knew more people there.

But again, I needed to find a job...

Peace be with you.


  1. PS...since I am going out of town for the weekend
    (going back down to Kerrville to visit The Daughter at her
    summer is called Parents Day)
    I will not be able to be online until Monday.

    So I will miss you all, and will get the next exciting episode
    ready over the weekend.

    I recall that the last time I took off for a while I actually
    GAINED some new I think they are trying to tell
    me something...I think they like it when I am not around!

    I promise to catch up on everyone's posts when I get back.
    Ya'll are really too kind.

  2. Have fun in Kerrville! I'll be waiting for the photos.

  3. Yes Joe have a good time in Kerrville with the daughter, heck maybe I'll have to take a break to see if I get any more followers Ha Ha

  4. Have a brilliant time in Kerrville :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments.

    K x

  5. Have a great time in Kerville!
    Can't wait to see the photos :)

  6. have a great time :)
    looking forward to the pictures.

  7. I wonder how you felt at the time with so little security in your life. It must have worn on you on some level. I hate moving around...being a creature of habit..and I don't adapt as easily to new situations as you seem to have done. I don't know if that is gender related or just personality. In any event, I respect someone who can change with ease and enter new situations with an open mind. I think this is the one thing coming out of all your self- reflection (about past jobs) that is coming ot light. I hope you had a great time with "the daughter." I know I am having one with mine. She is home for the summer!

  8. Have a great time seeing your daughter. Then come back to us! Your job is now keeping us entertained with your blogging posts!

  9. Waiting in anticipation of a great time and greay photos!


  10. That is the beyotch about working... the having to... otherwise it might... sometimes... be fun... on occassion...

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  11. You were a busy little bee back in the day.

  12. you are very strong person to have gone through so much time with nothing solid to stand on. You are to be admired!
    Be sure to take your camera....

  13. Hope you've had a great weekend Joe - what a good Dad! I think we should call you "Joe of all trades"! Is there anything you CAN'T do? :)

  14. I have lots of photos, will take a few days to figure out which of them suck the least.

    Dr. Soosie...the constant change has been one of the hardest parts about the working life. You don't get used to it, but ya have to keep going.

    Susan, there are LOTS of things I can't do, it would fill a few books!

  15. Hahaha it means that you have pretty powerful writing material if you gain followers even when you're away!:D I still cannot believe the number of jobs you had. It must've been so stressful to be on the constant lookout for jobs, not knowing if you'd have one the next day.