Friday, February 19, 2010

The Invasion

Where we live, as is probably true in countless other locations,
there are specific areas that the birds like to congregate in
the evening for their pre-roosting parties. The things that
people build are just perfect for birds, such as street signs,
power poles, and especially transmission lines. Birds must love
people so much.

Now, being a nature boy, I am especially fond of birds. A few
at a time, anyway. But when you take anything and clump them
all together in a small space, they become vermin. These are
scenes right out of Hitchcock's The Birds:

One wire is the same as another, I reckon, so why they choose to
accumulate in this specific spot I don't know. I am tempted to
think that it is because of all the food joints that are in this
retail complex, but in reality, there is not a lot of food that
gets tossed around on the ground for them to scavenge.

I know at amusement parks the birds exist solely on discarded
french fries and burger bits that get discarded by people
eating at the various hamburger stands. But the food joints in
the complex that we are discussing are all really indoors, there
are not any freebies for them here.

A lady pulled up in her car while I was photographing them, I
think she was concerned that I didn't have an umbrella. (As it
turned out, my car got the brunt of the free-falling poop, as
far as I know, I was still clean when I got home).

She told me that "Something must be done!" I have to agree
with her, the sidewalks under the wires are pretty much a
war zone.

Maybe they like all the lights? The area is pretty brightly
lit. I can tell you that if you drive by the Taco Bell or the
Whatta-burger in the middle of the night, the birds are
active...they are flying around, screeching, chattering,
fertilizing the pavement...when the hell do they sleep?

I guess that's just the way they roll.

Peace be with you.


  1. We have some places like that, they are insanely noisy! Have you ever considered becoming a guano entrepreneur? It could prove to be a lucrative business.

  2. beyond Hitchcockian

  3. I love these pictures. I haven't seen a good congregation of birds like that in awhile.

  4. And here I was, going insane cuz I heard one bird singing (not even seen it, just heard it). I would've had a heart attack if I'd seen all of those birds near my house. I probably would've stayed inside, come to think of it :P

    Great pics, by the way!!

  5. They do that here too. A friend of mine was freaking out, he says they're watching him.

    When we were on the road, evacuating from Rita (hell!) we stopped at a DQ and there was a guy and his son who came out to watch the birds congegrate in the trees every night.

    So... as usual... for every person who hates something, there is someone who likes it. I find it noisy and annoying and always worry that some day the weight will bring down a wire (and I don't like the poop!).

  6. Wow! I hope the Avion (sp?) Flu is gone for your sake. Just kidding!

    They look warm and happy and staying away from my ice planet of a state.

  7. Yes, they are noisy and annoying, and yes, I always think they will break a wire with their weight too!

  8. reminded me of the movie birds. bb gun and bbq are in order.

  9. We live directly in the flight path of hundreds (maybe a thousand) crows. They fly over our area twice a day (to and from their roost). A crow dropping from a couple hundred feet leaves quite a mark. Plus they are very loud...
    They and the seagulls have some hellacious air battles.
    Love the photos and descriptions