Sunday, April 25, 2010

All in Favor of The Death Penalty?

There was a time when I was for the death penalty.
If the purpose of locking people up in cages is to keep
them away from the "normal" people, then I say lock them
up. If someone cannot be rehabilitated, and continues to
harm and prey on the people trying to earn an honest living,
then yes, let the son of a bitch rot in jail forever.
Whatever past the vagrant has, however difficult his hand in
life has been, or no matter how bad his childhood was, I can
see no excuse for crime against another person.

Yes, I know, easy for me to say, sitting in my warm house with
my full belly, going to my paying job tomorrow. And it is
true I grew up well-fed and cared for, my family life has been
reasonably stable, and have not suffered any severe pain. I
have, however, been completely broke, unemployed, unfed for
five days, and bound for the street in five more, but I can
tell you that there are plenty of minimum wage jobs in the
newspapers every single day, and getting a roomie or two,
anyone can live a pretty decent life.

I also understand some people may have difficulty landing even
these bare minimum jobs, due to being already homeless, dirty,
maybe having a difficult or spotted past. But if someone wanted
the job badly enough, then he would be able to be honest and
up-front about his situation, and any decent employer would be
willing to take the applicant if he were fully able to do the work

So is the death penalty a deterrent to crime? Most people
believe not. But I can say one thing: If someone convicted of a
violent crime were taken right out after their verdict was read
and had their hand whacked off, I think I can sincerely state
that the crime rate in big cities would drop, and drop rapidly!

But the death penalty? If someone were to commit an
aberrational act, wouldn't they have to be insane? A sane person
would not kill someone to rob him.

But wait, a person can be perfectly sane, but at the same time
have lots of greed, and have no regard for another person's
rights. This person cannot be rehabilitated, so if they have no
remorse, should they then be killed, instead of locking them up?
Should I feel bad, then, if a serial killer with no remorse is put
to death?

As a Christian, my one regret would be that killing this person
robs them of the chance to repent later in life.
(By the way, repent means being truly sorry for the deed, wishing
it had never happened and that it could be taken back...NOT just
saying 'I have found the Lord and am born again!').

During the Exodus of the Jews, God handed the LAW down to
Moses. The death penalty was strictly prescribed for many crimes...
but keep in mind that there were no jails for these wandering people...
An aberrational person had to be executed to prevent them from
preying on innocent people. That was then, this is now.

Nobody get away with anything on this Earth. God will judge all,
and everyone will get their proper redemption or penalty.

The fact is, if you were truly and morally for the death
penalty, and were willing to use it with no guilt at all, then
you must also be willing to pull the switch yourself, not just
cheering as some paid guard does it for you.

Speaking for myself, I would not be willing to pull that switch.

Peace be with you.


  1. You make a good point Joe,

    I have always agreed with the death penalty going back to God prescribing death as a penalty for many things as you pointed out, in my heart I think if it were properly enforced then our crime rate would fall, but also as you made me see, I also don't think I could pull the switch.

  2. I totally understand how you feel and have no problem with it...

    But, that's not how I feel.
    When a person is sentenced for life, we, the tax paying citizens, are the ones punished. It costs BIG bucks to house a person for life. So.....
    Not only am I for the death penalty, I'm for doing away with life time sentences without the possiblilty of parole. Why should we pay for that? Also, as Jimmy referred to.."if it was properly enforced..." it may have a positive impact.

    And yes, I'd be willing to flip the switch.
    To go a bit further, I'd be more than willing to flip the switch on those who torture animals and molest children also...

    Maybe I feel this way because I've seen a lot more of the seedy underbelly of life than most.

  3. I think it all boils down for me that I still do agree with it and the point of me throwing the switch would depend on who it was being thrown on, but if they were on the recieving end then I guess the point is moot and there would be no second guessing throwing it.

    I see the start of a good discussion.

  4. I feel more needs to be done to control the criminal element. Making prison, a prison, might help. Hard labor, no frills, TVs... Work them from sun up to sun down. Might do more to deter crime than treating it like a vacation.

    That said, I know there are people convicted unjustly and those are the ones I worry about.

    Branding might help. Big "C" on the forehead, for child abusers/molesters. Big "R" for the rapists. Something, so when they are eventually let out, people can recognize them and take precautions. Once again, only if proven guilty.

    Can they change? I don't know, maybe, maybe not. Re-offending rates are high. In the end, only God can judge for the hereafter, but I'd like to be alert and aware, for the here and now.

  5. Oh, yes, I definately can see how many views there are on this. There are so many ways to look at this, I know, but I love seeing everyone's opinions.

  6. in response to Pat: The death penalty is much more expensive than life in prison because of the legal process which is supposed to prevent executions of innocent people. The biggest chunk comes upfront, at the pre trial and trial stages. It applies whether or not there is a conviction, let alone a death sentence.

  7. I'm for the death penalty. A agree it would be hard to pull the switch, but that is what we have the law for. If a person takes another persons life then how does he pay for that crime? He just took away another person right to live and enjoy life! His must be taken. Murderers, child molesters among many others should receive the death penalty. Rapists should be castrated. Thieves should be forced to pay back four times for first offense and then brand or cut of hand or finger for second offense. If these strict laws were implemented, the crime rate would drop dramatically. If you knew beyond the shadow of doubt that your life would be taken, you would not commit the crime. If you knew your balls would be cut off for raping a woman, you would not commit the crime. If you knew your hand would get cut off for stealing, you would not commit the crime! Thus there would be NO crime, or jails for that matter. The legal system is so bogged down with ambulance chasing lawyers it's crazy. If they just had a quick trial by jury and then sentenced AND executed the person immediately it would save billions in taxpayer money. But that would not be the case because if these strict laws were implicated there would be no criminals and the electric chairs would be gathering dust.

  8. I think I have heard that as well, Susan, that the legal wrangling alone costs more than keeping these people alive for life.
    And while I can't argue with your logic, Desertson, the legal wrangling must take place, or this would not be America, but a third world country.

  9. Tough question. I toggle back and forth. I believe in the death penalty (good thing since I live in TX), but I always wonder if they might be innocent... If their crime was bad enough (torture, murder, child molestation), and I knew for sure they were guilty, I think I could pull the switch.

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  11. I am NOT for the death penalty. At all.

    If we condemn a murderer for killing someone, don't we become condemnable ourselves if we kill the murderer?

    I wouldn't want to bring myself down to the murderer's level. I say like you, Joe: let them repent.

  12. but they don't repent and meanwhile more and more innocent Men Women and children are paying for it!

  13. Meechy, my stance against the death penalty only depends on life without parole being valid and enforceable. Believe me, I don't want these people harming us either...if there was a chance they would get out and be free to harm us again, then I would be FOR the death penalty.
    That's what my comment about the Exodus was referencing.