Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Ballad of a Well-known John

Well, folks, it is with very much trepidation that I have
decided, after much soul-searching, to introduce some of my
music that I have written over the years.

I remember an interview with Alice Cooper once where he
said that he always wished he could listen to his own music
as an 'outsider' who has never heard it, is not
familiar with it, and could judge it objectively as if hearing it
for the first time.

I feel much the same way about my music. When I listen
to it, I can't help but wince a little bit, because I
hear how it sounds, but in my head, I know how it is
supposed to sound, and how it would be if it was
properly done by someone more talented.

I am influenced by so many different types of music, that
my style really can't be categorized as just one genre,
but it varies.

My group, had I ever 'made it', would have been called
Cyrus Stone...I figured that was a generic-sounding
name that wouldn't pigeon-hole me into just one type
of music...such as rock, ballads, folk, country, etc.

I am the first person to concede that I am by no means a
very good musician, and I will never claim to be a very
good singer, but I have fun. And since I am not paid for
any of it, what the hell, right?

But if I may, I will state that I believe much of my music
is decent, and if properly recorded by professional
musicians, it would at least be different than much of the
tepid stuff that is out there today.

In my defense, remember that this stuff was recorded in a
converted bedroom with a 4 track reel-to reel, there is
nothing professional about any of this. But I hope that my
enjoyment and just plain 'fun' is evident in it.

I open with a safe and simple tune that was inspired from
my desert days. As with all music, it will probably sound
much better if you listen with headphones.
The lyrics appear below, and, if I have done this linking
thing correctly, if you click here, you may possibly be
able to hear the song:

The Ballad of a Well-Known John

1. This place'll cool off when the sun goes down
Don't look for me, I won't be around
Just grab my book, and head to town
And for the next hour, I won't make a sound

2. Call all my friends, tell 'em where I've gone
I'll take my time, I'll be gone long
A pack of smokes, and a clean fresh roll
And a couple of dimes to pay the toll

C. I know a place in town where the women ain't allowed
It's cool and dry, and clean and fresh
And there ain't no flies around
There's running water and electric lights
And a nice soft place to sit
I call this song The Ballad of a Well-Known John

3. Well, I don't reckon I'll be here come the morning
'Cause I don't aim to tarry here all night
But if I should fall asleep here, and start snoring
Just knock on the door, give it a shove
I'll get up alright


Peace be with you.


  1. hahaha! That is great, Joe! This is so going to be stuck in my head all day. Thanks so much...

  2. Yeah! That is so great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was DENIED. I'm at work though (lunch break) so I'll try again when I get home. Can't wait! (the anticipation is going to kill me)

  4. Yeah, I hate that denied stuff. I was lucky I saw Ian's Vlog this morning from home, cause I am not able to see videos when I am at work.

  5. quite talented! i sensed a little 60s in it.

  6. You have no idea, Joe, how cool your song is..listening to it for the 4th time lol:P

    I was in a bad mood and cursing against my teacher at the university, but listening to the song made me smile and smile and I'm really much calmer now..I'm not kidding! Thanks!:D

  7. I wouldn't say you were lucky... lol, kidding... I'm kidding!

    That is a really cool song! It reminds me of something I've heard before... not one particular band or song, but an almagamation of things. Like Sarah said, it just puts you in a good mood.

  8. It was okay to download it, right?

  9. Wait Joe, did you say you're going to sing to us in a future vlog or did I just imagine that? :)

  10. Whoa, your song is seriously awesome....more please !!!

  11. Yes, ok to download, Kristy, if you are trying to make me feel good, it worked.
    I do have a few more here or there, but I am not sure about the Vlog yet..

  12. Holy Schmoly! How fun! I wanna hear more - how about some YouTube clips?